(2015年7月2日発売) Open Price


Producer, Engineer, Edit:小伏和宏
Assistant Director:寺村朋子

《DSD recording》
Microphone:Earthworks QTC-1mp
Method:One point stereo A-B
Pre-amp:Grace Design model 201
Recorder:TASCAM DV-RA1000
Clock:Rosendahl nanosyncs
Monitor : Waon Recording Monitor

《96kHz 24bit PCM editing》
DSD to PCM conv.:dcs974
PCM to DSD conv.:Weiss Saracon-DSD
Monitor : Waon Reference Monitor

Cover design, Art work:才村昌子





Mutsuyuki Motomura studied both modern and early music with Walter van Hauwe at Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam, and proceeded to his postgraduate study with Jeanette van Wingerten. After years of musical activities in Europe, he is now the leading recorder player in Japan. He gives life to the recorder's characteristics ー celestial limpid tones and subtle narrative nuances. His performance expresses the exquisite combination to bring out the charms of each piece ー not only a masterpiece but also a small piece. He forms the ensemble 'Lusthoffers' together with Naoki Ueo and Toru Sakurada. Besides, his own recital series extensively covering recorder repertoire is attracting much attention.

Naoki Ueo is an excellent keyboard player who studied the harpsichord with Gustav Leonhardt and the fortepiano with Stanley Hoogland. He is active in a variety of musical areas, including playing the baroque court bagpipe known as the musette. He is also highly admired as a continuo player because of the unique integration of his own sentiments combined with a scholarly approach.

Toru Sakurada studied the lute with Toyohiko Satoh and is skillful at various kinds of plucked string instruments. He uses gut strings rather than nylon ones for drawing the original expressive tones of the historical instruments. His attention to authentic performance practice makes him one of the most remarkable lutenists in Japan. As well as a soloist, he is also considered as a very reliable continuo player because of his flexible musicianship which fully supports ensemble performances.

Masako Hirao, who studied the viola da gamba with Jordi Savall and Wieland Kuijken, is now the most famous gamba player in Japan. She is internationally active and often plays in Savall's 'Esperion XXI'. Not only her rich expressiveness but also her talent in planning unique concerts makes her stand out. She also regularly performs with Mutsuyuki Motomura.

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Photo by Kazuhiro Kobushi (Leica RE, Summilux-R 50mm/f1.4 II, Kodak Portra 400NC)